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Parliamentarians of Metro New York (PMNY),  is a trusted resource within the Metro NY area that provides parliamentary procedure training and development for effective meeting management and good governance.
The Unit was chartered on November 30, 2014 and comprises of members who hail from the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, and Westchester County. The charter members are: Isatu Kanu-James Esq., Marlo Gantt, Renell Grant, Portia Harvey, Wilhelmine James, Veronica Malone, Loraine Richardson McCray, Nilda Rivera, Esq., Beverly Tatham, Esq., Jacqueline Waiters and Tyrone Waiters. Since its charter, the Unit's membership has grown in size and proficiency. This year, the Unit welcomed several new members of diverse professional background including the field of medicine, law, education, financial services, marketing, television and film production.
In September 2017, at the 41st NAP Biennial Convention, the Unit was recognized as having the “Greatest Net Membership Growth and Retention.” As the Unit continues to grow, we are honored to have Shmuel Gerber, one of the esteemed member of the Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition authorship team, as an active member. In addition, the Unit’s roster includes four consulting parliamentarians Renell Grant (Registered Parliamentarian), Lisa Grant DeGraffenreidt, Esq., Nilda Rivera, Esq., and Beverly Tatham, Esq., (Professional Registered Parliamentarians) having attained the highest level of proficiency in the practice of parliamentary procedure.
The Unit has active partnerships with Office of Manhattan Borough President Gayle A. Brewer, Office of Bronx Borough President Rueben Diaz Jr., New York City Department of Education Division of Family and Community Engagement and several community boards in Brooklyn to provide educational programs for their board and council members.
If you or your organization are interested in learning about parliamentary procedure or the unit activities, visit us at  You may also follow us on social media at: 
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