William Starkey, Mark Schilansky, Carol Henselder, Joan Corbisiero, Jean Stallings, Dollie McPartlin, Dorothy Demarest, Nancy Dauster  (behind Dorothy), Alison Wallis, and Joy Myers are pictured receiving the “Greatest Percentage Retention Award” for the Lee Demeter Registered Parliamentarians Unit from Marcella Morrison (right) at the NAP 2013 Convention.


The Lee Demeter Registered Parliamentarians Unit was chartered July 11, 2001, to follow the goals and practices of Dr. Lee Demeter, a beloved mentor and instructor to all parliamentarians who knew him and studied under him. The purpose of the unit is for advanced training of the professional parliamentarian, the teaching of parliamentary procedure, and the promotion of a public awareness of parliamentary procedure.

Any NAP member who is an RP, PRP, RP-R or PRP-R is eligible to become an LDRP member.  The Unit now meets by conference call. Upcoming meeting schedule: 2019 Sep 23, Nov 4, 2020 Jan 23, Mar 13, May 11.
The LDRP unit now has 25 members: 5 RPs, 20 PRPs and 1 PRP-R.  Included in that number are 6 charter members.  Members come from eleven states: Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Virginia.


The Lee Demeter Registered Parliamentarians Unit will meet September 23 at 8 pm EDT by conference call.  The program will be a discussion of the 43nd Biennial NAP Convention.

Guest RPs and PRPs are welcome to attend. If interested please contact SArrowwood@homesc.com​ for information.

LDRP officers for 2019-2021 are:
Dollie McPartlin, PRP, CP-T -President
David Jackson, PRP-Vice President
Sylvia Arrowwood, PRP-Secretary
Helene Goldsmith, RP -Treasurer

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